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Applewood Air Conditioning offers a full range of HVAC Services provided by certified experts in Brampton, Ontario. Whether you’re looking for emergency repairs, maintenance, and protection, equipment rental, gas piping, or custom ductwork, Applewood Air experts will gladly assist your every need.

If you’re ready to take action, just call or send us an email, but if you still need or want more information you can continue on and see what our Brampton options are.

Emergency Repair

If your AC or furnace has stopped working, is making strange noises, leaking, or is not keeping you comfortable, feel free to contact Applewood Air, no matter what time of day or night it is. Our certified experts provide professional emergency repair services in Brampton, Ontario, and will make sure that your broken furnace or air conditioning system is back working in no time.

But not all problems require professional help and that is why we’ve provided pre-call checks for you to go through in order to save valuable time and money. If the problem still persists, feel free to contact us immediately.

Maintenance & Protection

Applewood Air Conditioning provides Maintenance and Protection Services in the Brampton, Ontario area. We offer a wide variety of packages suited, as well as package add-ons so that you can rest assured that your needs will be met.

So if you’re looking to have peace of mind when it comes to your furnaces and air conditioning units, getting an Applewood Air Conditioning Maintenance & Protection Plan is the perfect choice for you.

Custom Ductwork

Having proper air flow is of uttermost importance when it comes to heating and cooling your home or business. If your ductwork isn’t properly set up, no matter how good your AC or furnace is, you won’t be able to get the maximum results out of it. And not only that, your cost of operation will also be significantly higher.

Your ductwork is what carries warmth in winter, holds cool air in summer, and provide ventilation for better indoor air quality throughout the year, and if you want it to be well-designed and reliable, Applewood Air Conditioning is the perfect choice to make that happen.

Equipment Rentals

There are certain times when buying a new furnace, hot water heater or air conditioner is simply not in your best interest or just not in the budget right now. It could be that renting a new system is your best option for the time being. This is especially true when you need something right away or is working on a project that’s taking longer than expected and you need something temporarily. Whatever your need is, Applewood Air offers a rental option and rent-to-own program to provide you with the best options for your circumstances on state-of-the-art heating and cooling products.

Gas Piping for BBQ's and Appliances

Applewood Air employs only the best, certified gas fitters for natural gas line installation and maintenance. It’s how we can ensure the job is done right and why you can relax knowing that all the proper safety precautions are followed in your home.

Applewood Air Conditioning offers the following natural gas services throughout Brampton:

Barbeque gas lines

  • Outdoor heater gas lines & fittings
  • Hot water gas lines & fittings
  • Appliance gas lines & fittings
  • Gas line relocations and repairs

When it comes to getting your gas line installed, and most importantly, installed properly, working with an experienced technician is crucial. We pride ourselves at Applewood Air for putting your safety first.

Brampton Products

Applewood Air offers a large number of heating and cooling systems and appliances in Brampton, Ontario. Amongst some of our most popular products are Furnaces, Air Conditioning Appliances, Fireplaces, Indoor Air Purifiers, as well as Tanks and Tankless Water Heaters.

Whether you’re looking for product info, some friendly advice, or an expert to install and maintain your new products, Applewood Air Conditioning is an all-in-one solution for all your heating and cooling needs.

New Furnaces & Heating Systems in Brampton

If you’re in need of reliable heating systems by brands such as Napoleon, Lennox, and Carrier, look no further than Applewood Air Conditioning. We partner with leading brands to bring high-quality furnaces and heating systems to your home or business space.

In order to help you choose the right furnace for your needs, we’ve created a list of money-saving tips, as well as the option to contact us and chat with one of our certified experts in Brampton, Ontario.

Brampton Air Conditioning and Other Cooling Systems

Applewood Air Conditioning is proud to present our offer of high-quality air conditioning and cooling systems for your home or business. We partner with the top brands and bring you reliable cooling appliances made by Mits, Lennox, and Carrier.

If you need help choosing the right cooling system for your needs, you can now schedule a consultation with one of our certified professionals that will explain everything you need to know about air conditioning and other cooling system options in Brampton, Ontario.

Fireplaces in Brampton

Applewood Air offers various fireplace types for various house builds and aesthetic preferences. To find out whether a log set, direct vent, insert, electric or outdoor gas fireplace is the right choice for you, click here.

Hot Water Tanks & Tankless Water Heaters

Most of the water heaters used today are hot water tanks, but that doesn’t mean that a tankless water heater can’t be the right solution for your specific needs. Tankless water heaters were created to address the issues of standby heat loss and running out of hot water, but are that much more expensive.

Indoor Air Quality

Air quality should be important to just about anyone. Applewood Air provides efficient, high-quality indoor air cleaners installed by experts in Brampton. Some of the air cleaner brands we offer are Aprilaire, Lennox, and Carrier.


Applewood Air Conditioning offers quality and reliable humidifiers for those dry areas, especially important throughout the winter in Brampton. Using a humidifier is one of the most effective ways to add the proper amount of humidity to your indoor air and prevent problems caused by dry air.

Air Purification

If you’re looking to clean and purify the air in your home or office, look no further. Air purification appliance sales, installation, and support is also a part of what we do here at Applewood Air Conditioning. If you need an air purifier in Brampton, we’ve got you covered!


An expertly installed ventilation system can allow you to easily manage and control fresh air in your home. It’s important to ensure you have the proper ventilation in your home to reduce airborne particles, allergens, and bacteria.

WIFI Thermostats

Applewood Air is your place for WiFi thermostat sales, installation & support. We offer WiFi thermostats made by Aprilaire, Lennox, Carrier, as well as Nest.

We Partner with Builders

Applewood Air Conditioning partners with builders by designing, engineering, supplying & installing of all types of HVAC equipment into new homes in Brampton. We’ll help you choose the right HVAC equipment for your unique needs and make the installation process as effortless and worry-free as possible.

If you’re a builder looking to partner with Applewood Air Conditioning and utilize our affordable builder terms in Brampton, visit our builders’ page.

Commercial HVAC

To learn more about our commercial installation services, you can find more information on our Commercial HVAC page.

Contact us for advice you can trust and service you can depend on.

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